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FREIGHTWISE is an integrated project within the EU's 6th Framework Programme that aims at bringing together three different sectors:

  • Transport Management : Shippers, Forwarders. Operators and Agents;
  • Traffic and Infrastructure Management : Rail, Road, Sea, Inland waterways;
  • Administration : Customs, Border Crossing, Hazardous Cargo, Safety and Security

The FREIGHTWISE project will support the co-operation of these sectors in order to develop and demonstrate suitable intermodal transport solutions in a range of business cases. The project shall support the complex service integration into integrated transport chains. The technical expertise in the project will focus on the development of a reference architecture for intermodal transport and the integration of relevant IT systems including legacy systems in the business cases.


Project name: FREIGHTWISE - Management Framework for Intelligent Intermodal Transport
EC contract no: TREN-06-FP6TR-S07-60148
Time scale 01 Nov 2006 - 30 April 2010
Co-ordinator BMT
Consortium 51 participants in 14 countries with involvement in 9 business cases (for a full list , see here)